Indigo Children

Capricorn   >   Palm Desert, CA

Name: Hailey Kristina Carr Sun Sign: Capricorn Location: Palm Desert, CA The United States has been making monumental legislative decisions about the human rights of LGBT citizens recently. Hearing the news and debates surrounding this topic, I think about how reminiscent this is of the Civil Rights Movement fromRead More

Virgo   >   Houston, Texas

Name: Charles Crumb Sun Sign: Virgo Location: Houston, Texas A common trait of Indigo Children is intelligence. But that can be difficult to recognize and understand. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Too smart for your own good.” That can easily be applied to most of the Indigo ChildrenRead More

Aquarius   >   Dewey, AZ

Name: Brandon Michael Ricks Sun Sign: Aquarius Location: Dewey, AZ As Indigo Children, we are extremely aware of energy. Our life force energy works by animating the matter that makes up our bodies. It literally gives us life. There are hundreds of life energy beliefs around the world withRead More

Taurus   >   Sydney, Australia

Name: Danni Godfrey Sun Sign: Taurus Location: Sydney, Australia Over the past several years, I’ve been able to meet and get to know Indigo Children from all over the world. Our Facebook page represents folks from 45 countries and 35 languages. As Indigo Danni mentions below, feeling alone isRead More

Pisces   >   Las Vegas

Name: Brock Keadle Sun Sign: Pisces Location: Las Vegas There are a handful of ways to open your third eye. For many of us, like Indigo Child Brock Keadle, we may go through stages of awakening inspired by different variables. Meditation is the most commonly discussed way to openRead More

Scorpio   >  Washington, D.C.

Name: Tristan Montoya Sun Sign: Scorpio Location:Washington, D.C. Indigo Children talk a lot about this idea of awakening.  Tristan Montoya is an Indigo Child whose purpose is to help people with their awakening experience.  That may sound all warm and fuzzy, but when your whole life is crashing down aroundRead More

Libra   >   Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Name: Georgiana aka Whyte Crow Sun Sign: Libra Location: Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada Often times I’m met with confused stares when I admit I haven’t done much traveling. But just like my friend and fellow Indigo Child, Whyte Crow, I know where I’m supposed to be andRead More

Libra   >   Serbia

Name: Nikola Dejanovic Sun Sign: Libra Location: Serbia My friend Jeremiah was given an assignment in kindergarten to draw a straight line to show he understood the concept of “flat.” Jeremiah drew a person being run over by a steamroller and got in trouble for messing up the assignment. Read More

Gemini   >   Orange County, CA

Name: Casey Dee Sun Sign: Gemini Location: Orange County, CA Casey Dee is an Indigo Child that I have the pleasure of knowing and spending time with here in Los Angeles. She has the gift of manifestation and I’ve never seen it so powerful in anyone else! Casey isRead More

Aquarius   >   TX

Name: Shane Campbell Sun Sign: Aquarius Location: TX I’ve read over this interview several times from Indigo Child Shane Campbell and one of his comments has lingered with me.  In his answer to the first question below, Shane comments that most Indigo Children will not marry or have kidsRead More

Sagittarius   >   East Coast America (exact location undisclosed)

Name: Skyler O’Brien Sun Sign: Sagittarius Location: East Coast America (exact location undisclosed) Meet Indigo Child, Skyler O’Brien.  He is a constant source of harsh truth and witty humor in our Indigo group.  I’m often humbled by his openness in sharing his experience with us.  A common issue withRead More

Scorpio   >   Solo City, Indonesia

Name: Ghea Orleana Sun Sign: Scorpio Location: Solo City, Indonesia Indonesia is a hot spot for Indigo Children.  Probably because of the spiritual energy there, but also because of the awareness brought to us by a reality TV show.  The show itself is rather exploitative of Indigo Children focusingRead More