Posted in Lifestyle on Oct 31st, 2017

If you had asked me when I was literally a child if I thought I was an Indigo Child, I would have said no. Even if you asked me if I thought I was special or different, I would have said no. Back then, I was trying VERY hardRead More

Posted in Health on Nov 28th, 2015

For some reason it’s become an annoyance to go out to eat with someone who does not eat Gluten. There is eye rolling and friendly name calling. But as it turns out, those folks who have either decided to become (or are forced to be) Gluten Free are theRead More

Posted in Astrology, Uncategorized on Jun 2nd, 2015

I AM the Expansion of the Sagittarius Full Moon June 2, 2015 at 12:19pm edt the moon peaks in full illumination wearing the Sagittarius attire that Laura Croft fans would be proud of. The moon is always revealed by the sun’s 180 degree opposite position on the zodiac calendar.Read More

Posted in Health, Uncategorized on May 18th, 2015

It seems as of late the trending topic has been the probiotic drink Kombucha. And rightfully so, after our friends at Full Circle Venice, a spiritual temple in Venice Beach, Calif was raided last week for selling “alcohol” via Kombucha. I know many Indigo Children who love to takeRead More

Posted in Astrology on Apr 8th, 2015

Jupiter stations direct at 12 degrees of Leo April 8, 2015 at 12:58pm EDT. Clear some space for Jupiter’s re-emergence! After several months retrograde and despite the chaos of this recent eclipse season plus the final Uranus/Pluto square active these the last few years the energy of  joy, hope, abundance, and expansion returnsRead More

Posted in Lifestyle on Mar 6th, 2015

Several months ago, I got a notification on my keyword alerts that a journalist was looking for Indigo Children to interview. I reached out to her on email, Facebook and Twitter but she never replied. Her news piece recently ran and it’s clear she had an agenda in reportingRead More

Posted in Astrology on Mar 5th, 2015

The Virgo full moon reveals the details of healing from outworn illusions, delusions, deceptions, and escapisms through conscious awareness, active creativity and meditative contemplation. Virgo is the opposite sign on the chart wheel to Pisces, the intuitive dreamer, and since in order to have a full moon the sunRead More

Posted in Health on Mar 5th, 2015

Meet Your Divine Mama  There has been a fire burning inside of me lately. A red version of myself that I never knew existed. She came out of nowhere, but at the time I needed her most. My inner Divine Feminine. My whole life I was the passive sort,Read More

Posted in Lifestyle on Feb 9th, 2015

Tis the season for love and therefore it’s the perfect opportunity for a discussion on Soulmates. This is one of the most common topics Indigo Children ask me about. It usually starts with an excited email or text stating they have found their Soulmate! My condolences are usually met withRead More

Posted in Astrology on Feb 3rd, 2015

The Leo full moon can mean only one thing… we are already in Aquarius season! Leo is the opposite sign on the chart wheel to Aquarius and since in order to have a full moon the sun and moon must be 180 degrees away from one another, then whenRead More