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Heather Renae Horton of Indigo Life Designs is an Astrology Life Coach and Consultant with a B.A. in Business Psychology and M.S. 2016 in Mental Health Counseling.    To schedule a private session with Heather visit her website.

Posted in Astrology on Oct 7th, 2014

Eclipse season is upon us Indigo Children!This is powerful wild card energy that we all seem to feel quite intensely, for better or for worse. An eclipse is when either the sun or the moon are blocked out entirely at a new moon or full moon. A lunar eclipseRead More

Posted in Astrology on Sep 29th, 2014

Twice a year Indigo Children around the world receive an equal amount of the sun’s life giving energy regardless of hemisphere location, on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Equinox is derived from Latin meaning “equal night”. The equator of the earth is aligned with the center of the sunRead More

Posted in Astrology on Sep 22nd, 2014

Libra & Libra Rising: Sept 22- Oct 22 Happy Birthday to the Libra Indigo Children! Your solar return has some power plays for your next year ahead. You may decide to stand in honor of your newly balanced self and present yourself more balanced than before. Do be mindfulRead More

Posted in Astrology on Sep 18th, 2014

Are the solar flares firing you up or slowing you down? You may have heard by now that the sun has been in quite an active cycle since 2012. Solar flares eject through the sun’s corona clouds of electrons, ions and atoms. These flare clouds reach Earth within a dayRead More

Posted in Astrology on Aug 31st, 2014

Dear HRH, I am a Pisces and believe I met my twin flame, she is a Scorpio. What can you tell us about our astrology together? Sincerely, Love Fish       Dear Love Fish, I’m happy you feel you’ve found your twin flame! Indigo Children finding their twinRead More

Posted in Astrology on Aug 25th, 2014

The Virgo Indigo Children bring to the world the purity of the virgin goddess. Virgo the virgin is most notably associated with the Virgin Mary of Christianity. We see her as a soft, natural and pure beauty that brings healing through her service to others. The Hawaiian virgin goddess Pele isRead More

Posted in Astrology on Aug 11th, 2014

 Astrology plays an important role for the Indigo Children Mermaids!  And with this being Shark Week all eyes are on the sea.  Let’s start with the sharks… the energy of the shark is fierce and stealth, just like the planet Mars which is currently moving through the sign of Scorpio.  MarsRead More

Posted in Astrology on Aug 4th, 2014

Dear HRH, I just found out my astrology signs are more than my newspaper horoscope sign. What is the Cosmic Vibe of a Libra sun, Pisces rising, and Leo moon? Your fan, The Child     Dear The Child, So think of it like this….. if you were aRead More

Posted in Astrology on Jul 27th, 2014

Happy Birthday LEO tribe!! The solar cycle shines brightest for the Indigo Child Leo’s as the sun is their ruling planet. Leo is the fixed-fire sign of the zodiac holding the golden sunlight of life strong and proud for all to thrive and shine from its warmth. Physically, the Leo energyRead More