9 Tips To De-calcify Your Pineal Gland

indigo children, pineal gland, anja, chakra, crystal, clearing, angels, alkaline, decalcify, fluoride, cleanHappy New Year to my wonderful Indigo Children. Are you ready? Because it’s time to fully open our eyes… Our Third Eye that is. Our Pineal Gland, also known as our Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra, is a dime sized gland in the center of the brain with many health functions. So even if you aren’t looking to take your spiritual quest to the next level and are just looking to achieve overall health, this article is still for you.

The Ajna Chakra (brow) is the psychic and spiritual phenomena chakra, said to put you in touch with other realms and state of being. The pineal gland produces hormones that cause happiness, serenity, restfulness, balanced emotions and euphoria. When the pineal gland is calcified (due to poor diet, toxic environments and chemicals) you miss out on the full effects of the Third Eye.

Check out these 9 Tips to open your Third Eye and see reality as it is meant to be seen rather than how you've been programmed to see it:

indigo children, pineal gland, anja, chakra, crystal, clearing, angels, alkaline, decalcify, fluoride, clean1. Go Fluoride Free
This is the number one reason your pineal gland may be having issues. Fluoride is toxic to the human body and yet it is found in toothpaste, some foods and our entire (unfiltered) water supply. Think twice before drinking from your sink.

2. Lower Your Red Meat Intake
Red meat is heavy and can weigh your body down. It also is very acidic. When your body is overly acidic you become prone to disease and infection. Brain Fog also occurs when heavy meats weigh you down. Your third eye can't function properly like this. So ditch the steak tonight!

3. Drink Alkaline Water
Alkaline water removes heavy toxins and metals from your body and balances your pH for a perfectly functioning, disease free environment.

4. Try Sungazing
As someone with light eyes, I always leave my sunny Los Angeles apartment with my sunglasses in hand. But sunglasses block energy of ultra violet rays from the sun that travel through the eyes, thus giving the pineal gland natural sunlight. Try a little Sungazing and give your Third Eye some light. Your pineal gland is a sort of crystal. Think of how your crystals need to charge, in sunlight.

5. Eat More Veggies
Oh Taylor Angel you’ve done it again, working greens and veggie’s into every article. Vegetables are alkaline and have been charged by natural sunlight. Also look into sea veggie’s such as Blue Green Algae, Chlorella, Spirulina and Sea Moss. This nutrition is essential to your Pineal Gland function.

6. Have a Cup of Herbal Tea
There are many common healing herbs that work wonders on your Third Eye such as parsley, alfalfa, gotu kola and mugwort. Let’s get that Third Eye HEALED! Check out our Indigo Herbal Blends for some great choices. Try a cup of our Lucid Dreamer tea to really get your Pineal Gland moving.

amethyst, third eye, indigo children, blue eyes, calcify, fluoride, anja, chakra, indigo, angels, awaken, pH, veggies7. Avoid Mercury
Many vaccines and tooth fillings are based with Mercury. Mercury is a toxin. Make sure you are seeing Holistic Doctors who don’t inject with poisonous material. You have the right to tell your dentist you chose not to use mercury or fluoride and the right to refuse mercury-filled vaccinations.

8. Upgrade Your Lighting
Your Third Eye is very light sensitive. It helps to sleep in complete darkness and work next to a window during the day. Use full spectrum or daylight spectrum fluorescent light bulbs for when lights are on. Cheap light bulbs can hurt your pineal gland through their  limited spectrum.

9. Use Crystal Therapy
When you meditate, place a crystal on your Third Eye to energetically balance and de-calcify. Indigo Children favor the Amethyst. Use your intuition to choose the right crystal for your Third Eye.

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Taylor Carr

About Taylor Carr

Taylor Angel is avid about her own personal health and loves exploring the benefits of nutrition especially for sensitive folks like Indigo Children.

4 thoughts on “9 Tips To De-calcify Your Pineal Gland

  1. I’m an indigo child in missoula Montana and my family is poor so I don’t have enough money to buy a water philter for my water or organic foods that are good for us. I just recently placed my citrine crystal in the left corner of my house to attract abundance. I try to eat consciously but it’s kinda hard when we only have limited food choices.

    1. Hi Riley,

      Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKpEt4JAGus – How to make alkaline water.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCRs8hpD8R4 – Here’s another great video.
      Let’s start with your water supply. Also, as I’ve discovered in the mid west there are lots of places that have food untouched by pesticides, so pay special attention and be on the look out! When you budget in a smart way, you’ll see that eating healthy comes out to the same as fast food and starbucks drinks! I used to think I had the same problem. At first it’s not easy, but once you figure it out, easy as pie. <3

  2. So true! As a side effect to 11 different meds I was taking, my teeth had to come out…well as I was having 14 teeth at a time pulled, with each visit I felt better and better! Depressed about losing my teeth…but getting rid of all that mercury was a blessing!!!!!

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