6 Tips To Travel Healthy

beautiful girl walking on the sidewalkSometimes while traveling, Indigo Children have a hard time staying on a healthy course. I mean let’s be honest, all the new foods and scenery can be so tempting! But by the end of the trip we wind up feeling fat, sick or bloated. Here are a few tips on how to watch what you eat while on the go.

1. Use Your Smart Phone

These days our iPhones and Droids make it so easy for us to look up healthy Indigo Children friendly restaurants in your area. Check out these apps.

2. Look At The Menu First

When you view the menu before sitting, you have more time to create a plan of action. Always look at the salads and side vegetable plates first. When in doubt, go green!

3. Avoid Fast Food Outlets

healthful green tea cappacinoThese can be ever so tempting, especially when you want to rush and eat so you can see more of the city or get back to work. Eating slow makes you move quicker. Now that's fast food!

4. Stock Up Your Hotel Room With Fruits And Nuts

If you have something easy to grab when you’re starting to feel hungry, the urge to order a cheeseburger and fries from room service is much less. Granola bars are a good grab and go snack too.

5. Drink Lots Of Liquids

Keeping yourself hydrated offers plenty of benefits, but keeping a bottle of water in your hand can also curb your cravings.

6. Plan Ahead

If you are able to plan your trip and places to eat in advance, it will be easy to stay on the right path. Consider packing trail mix and water for your flight or car ride.

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Taylor Carr

About Taylor Carr

Taylor Angel is avid about her own personal health and loves exploring the benefits of nutrition especially for sensitive folks like Indigo Children.

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  1. I found Taylor’s articles on nutrition quite interesting and informative! Three of the articles stood out for me: Hemp Oil, Cold Season, and Travel Healthy. The benefits discussed of barley grass, probiotics, and water (in each of the articles, respectively) are of particular help for me. I am receiving a good education about general health. Thank you to Taylor for doing the research and substantiating evidence with references to works/publications of health professionals and scientific studies. VERY EDUCATIONAL! 🙂

    Happy New Year to all!

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