5 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The Holidays are here and it’s beginning to feel a lot like…. well, like we’re all about to getindigo children, indigo, healthy, tips, recipes, holidays, lifestyle, love, spiritual, life, indigo, angels, taylor carr, abby oliver, how to eat healthy during the holidays, tips to eat healthy fat. The holidays can often be a challenging time for sensitive Indigo Children, and traditional holiday food may offer a false sense of comfort. But never fear! We have a few tips and tricks to keep you in tinsely top shape so you can look and feel great in your sexy New Years Eve outfit.

  1. BYOF

Bring Your Own Food! Create something healthy and delicious to bring to your holiday soirées. Make sure when you’re checking out the buffet table that you narrow down what you can and can’t have so you’re prepared. Just remember, nobody ever exploded from one piece of pumpkin pie.

  1. If you don’t need it, don’t eat it.

indigo children, healthy, healthful, holidays, tips, tricks, health, nutrition, sweet potatos, recipes, lifestyle, healthy eating, indigo, angels, taylor carr, abby oliverIf it’s not something you absolutely love (maybe you don’t like gluten heavy stuffing) then skip it. That will help keep your portion size and caloric intake down. With that said, make sure to consume plenty of vegetables!

  1. Chew while you cook

While cooking holiday treats, keep your mouth busy by chewing on something green like a sprig of spearmint. The minty chew will keep you from snacking. There are plenty of other green options or you can opt for carrot sticks.

  1. Wear your sexy pants

Wearing loose clothing gives your stomach plenty of room to expand. By wearing tight how to eat healthy during the holidays, indigo children, angels, tips, tricks, healthy, lifestyle, love, taylor carr, abby oliver, recipes, holidays, thanksgiving, christmasclothing, you will be reminded to slow down and stick to appropriate portion sizes.

  1. Schedule your exercise

Make sure that you stay active every day. It will help keep of the pounds off and alleviate holiday stress. Try walking for 15-20 minutes around your neighborhood or show your holiday spirit by helping your neighbor shovel snow from their driveway.

Remaining conscious about your diet during the holiday season will help Indigo Children, Crystal Children and all other types of Lightworkers stay balanced. Whether it's an ugly Christmas Sweater Party or dinner at Grandma's, you have options to help you thrive.

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