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Mayan CalendarPost from 12.06.12:
It’s almost here!!! But really, it’s already happening.  I’ve had more people than usual asking me about December 21, 2012 lately.  Obviously it’s coming up quickly.  Is it the end of the world?  Nope.  Should we prepare for Armageddon?  Naw.  Should we stockpile water and flashlights?  You should always have water and flashlights ready in case of emergency but I think you’ll be fine this month generally speaking.  So, what is going to happen on December 21?

We are in the middle of a shift in consciousness.  This is a good thing.  I suspect on 12.21.12 we will wake up and experience an incredibly normal day.  No Zombie Apocalypse or tidal waves.  You probably won’t notice much unless you’re a sensitive Indigo or other light worker.  But in that case, you’ve been noticing this for awhile now.  The gradual energetic shift actually started back in 2007 and will gradually continue through 2015.

I know you’ve heard plenty about this 12.21.12 Mayan Calendar stuff.  The calendar is scheduled to reset on 12.21.12.  It is a cycle (that’s why it’s round), which means we’ve come back to the beginning.  We’re starting a new cycle this month.  It’s all related to astrology where we get our calendar systems in the first place.  We’ve just completed the Age of Pisces and have begun the Age of Aquarius.  I’ll keep this post short and let you look up more on that later.  Also check out Yuga Cycles.  But this is the cool part- Our Sun is supposed to pass the equator of our Milky Way Galaxy on 12.21.12.  There’s also some cool stuff going on with our sun moving toward Sirius causing some good feelings energetically.

galactic alignment

Think of it this way… In the same way the moon influences a woman’s body and crime rates, planetary and solar system or galactic alignment can influence our general consciousness.  We’re coming into a more ideal alignment energetically and magnetically.  We’re on the upswing there so it’s just going to get better and better.  Imagine being stressed out and going off into nature for a break to relax and clear your head.  In a way it’s like that.  Our environment is becoming conducive to a mass awakening in consciousness. Scientifically, it all has to do with gravitational pulls and energies of planets and suns moving closer or father away from each other.

The mass hysteria and end times natural disaster talks are fear based reactions to change and have no basis in any cultural traditions including Mayan.  Some say big corporations and secret societies are behind it all.  Wherever it’s coming from, I assure you it’s misinformation.  I’ve heard of some intuitives having vivid dreams about the end of the world recently which I interpret as symbolic to the death of many things like the Age of Pieces and old paradigms that no longer serve us.

indigo by shrine

Rather than stockpiling canned foods, I plan on hitting the sweat lodge and planting a few new veggies in my garden this month.  Non-GMO and organic of course.  I’ve also downloaded new guided meditations to dig into.  I maintain the first steps toward awakening are diet and meditation.  Now is the time to try that cleanse or go on a juice fast.  If meditation is new for you, try a guided one and start out with 15 minutes a day. I got to meditate this week at a self-realization center where the Gandhi World Peace Memorial with a portion of his ashes is housed in an open air temple.  But usually I meditate at home or on the beach.

If awakening and consciousness are still ambiguous ideas for you as they are for most people, it can be broken down to fear vs. love.  As you make each decision throughout your day, start asking yourself if it’s a choice made in fear or love.  Start making small changes toward love and the big ones will get easier.  Do you go to work because of fear or love?  Do you choose what you’re eating out of fear or love?  Do you choose how you treat people out of fear or love?  You make a million little choices all day long.  If you exercise your love it will get stronger and life will get easier.  It’s pretty simple actually.  Awake is a state of awareness of yourself.

Wide awake…

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